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"It takes 10,000 hours of focused training to become an expert in any chosen field."
based on research by Psychologist Anders Ericsson

Who we are

The coaches and staff at GPA believe these principles of success apply to both athletics and academics. Through a rigorous and engaging curriculum an GPA student/athlete's natural curiosity is transformed into solid understanding within each content area. In much the same way physical skills are taught, practiced and applied to the game of hockey, academic content is delivered, customized and tested in the classrooms of The Global Performance Academy.

Whether in the classroom or on the ice, The Global Performance Academy strives to make success integral to each student/athlete's daily experience. Our individualized approach to teaching fosters a learning environment that encourages high academic performance and athletic achievement. The level of care and attention to every detail of the GPA experience ensures no concern is overlooked, no need unmet.

It is with this commitment to excellence that the The Global Performance Academy was founded. With a shared passion for the game of hockey and a common commitment to "Practice what's possible". We invite you to be a part of making the "Impossible" a reality.