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School Features

As you know, players must be students first to take advantage of as many college opportunities as possible. We want all of our student/athletes to excel in school and with me on the ice.

Explore some of the features and advantages and discover a program that will get you where you want to go as a student and hockey player.



Accredited, Online Private School

We offer an accredited, online private school serving students in grades K–12 throughout the United States and abroad. Recognizing individualized instruction as the key to student academic and personal success, GPA’s highly trained, certified teachers offer instruction tailored to each student’s strengths and challenges using an award-winning computer-based curriculum, real-time instruction, and time-tested course materials from leading publishers.

NCAA Compliance

Our Private School offers one of the very few educational components that is NCAA Accredited. We will conduct a transcript analysis prior to enrolling in The Global Performance Academy. We will then have our NCAA eligibility analysts review transcripts and make recommendations to ensure compliance.


Accountability & Achievement

The Global Performance Sports Academy uses a variety of tools to track virtual school student performance and comply with public school testing requirements including:

Online and offline assessments
Parent interviews to help place students at the start of the year
Regular follow-up evaluations throughout the year

Constant Feedback
Conventional schools can rarely provide feedback beyond periodic report cards and infrequent conferences. At The National Connections Academy, we provide constant feedback with detailed reports and discussions that go beyond simple letter grades to include thorough examinations that accurately gauge student performance and progress.

Our education management system, provides 24/7 reporting on each student's progress. It also stores past quizzes and tests so you can review results at any time right online.

Our on-site, trained and certified teachers are available to help our student/athletes with any concerns or questions they may have pertaining to their daily lessons.

GPA teachers confer regularly with students—no less than once every two weeks, but more often as needed.

High Level of Virtual Student Accountability

GPA’s program of continuous assessment and feedback, combined with our top quality curriculum and instruction improves student achievement and maintains a high level of accountability.

Choose the Option to Fit Your Student's Needs

Full-time GPA student programs provide a comprehensive private school experience—from individualized instruction to clubs and activities, academic/career counseling, a wide range of electives, and more.

Summer school options empower K–8 students to explore their interests in virtual camp and enable high school students to recover credits for graduation or accelerate their studies with original credit courses.

College acceleration programs allow motivated students to get a head start on college by earning college credits towards a bachelor’s degree or a diploma and associate’s degree while still in high school.


GPA’s full-time, accredited elementary, middle, and high school online programs bring families the advantages of a private school experience with the flexibility of an online environment.

Fostering each student’s academic success, GPA offers:

· Personalized Performance Learning®, a continuous process for assessing and adapting instruction to each student’s abilities.
· Individualized instruction and support from experienced, certified teachers.
· A proven K–12 curriculum developed by leading education experts.

With exceptional teachers, individualized instruction, and a secure, supportive community, GPA makes the benefits of a private school education accessible and affordable to students across the country.

Each GPA course features:
· Support from a certified teacher trained in online instruction.
· Teacher-led LiveLessons®sessions delivered in real-time and recorded for later review.
· Best-of-class online texts and course materials.
· Curriculum designed by subject matter experts.

College Acceleration Programs
Earning college credits while enrolled in high school, eligible GPA students can get a head start in their college careers and save on college tuition costs through two unique college acceleration programs.

Earning a High School Diploma and an Associate's Degree

The Dual Diploma Program allows students to earn a diploma and an associate’s degree in just four years. Through a relationship with American Public University, students successfully completing their junior year at the Global Performance Academy are granted a year of college credit at APU at no costs beyond their GPA tuition and fees.
In their senior year, students are admitted directly to APU to complete both their high school graduation requirements and their sophomore year of college.

Upon successful completion of the senior year, students graduate with a diploma from GPA and an associate degree from APU. Students can enter the workplace with the advantage of an associate’s degree or go on to complete their bachelor’s degrees.

Gaining Credits Toward a Bachelor's Degree

The Dual Credit Program enables qualified GPA seniors to earn up to seven, first-year college credits from the University of Maryland University College. These credits also apply towards completion of the high school diploma.

This innovative program permits students age 16 years or older with a 3.5 or higher GPA to take UMUC courses at Maryland in-state costs— regardless of their residence. Choosing from over 65 online courses in core subjects and electives, students can accelerate their progress towards a bachelor’s degree while still in high school.


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