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In today's highly competitive environment, more than ever, students need to succeed in school. Fortunately, now there are great educational options—beyond "traditional" schooling—that use an individualized approach to help students in grades K–12 realize their full potential. Through online private schools and individual courses, the Global Performance Sports Academy program works for families around the world, delivering significant results while changing lives.

Global Performance Academy offers access to some of the country’s leading online Charter Schools, providing excellence in education with graduates attending schools such as Harvard, Duke, Cornell and Stanford. Educate Athletes, innovator of online learning for students/athletes, ensures all NCAA compliance requirements are met by each student.

Online learning with GPA brings learning to life. GPA has built and delivered an engaging curriculum that blends online and offline learning experiences. Based on decades of educational research, their award-winning curriculum and patented methodology, we can meet the needs of students with diverse learning styles, using a combination of interactive online lessons, hands-on activities, compelling books and materials, and dedicated teachers.
GPA’s private schools deliver a complete, high-quality education, so you know you're not missing out on anything.

Our academy is approved and accredited by each state we operate in. We provide the highest quality curriculum. Our teachers guide/coach our students through the rigorous coursework, and challenging workbooks/materials. Student and parents work “with our staff” to ensure success” “Each student is given an initial assessment to determine his/her strengths and areas of growth. The information gained in this assessment is then used to customize an individualized learning path for your child.


Here are some ways that GPA's online Private School differs from "traditional" education:

checkmark The school comes to you and learning is child-centered.

checkmark If daily lesson plans are not completed and students fail to meet minimum grade requirements (80% or higher), students will not be permitted to participate in the athletic program until minimum requirements are met.

checkmark Learning is customized to each student's individual needs.

checkmark Tailored learning plans accommodate different learning needs.

checkmark Students in the Laurel Springs Private School and the Calvert School can also participate in local, national, and even global school clubs.



The Global Performance Academy's philosophy on education is based simply on the premise that athletics serves as a means to an end and with that we believe that our student/athletes should aspire to not only excel on the playing field but most importantly in the classroom. Our students are encouraged to bank on education and rely on our core principles of Passion, Perseverance and Self Discipline in order to become the community leaders our country needs.