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"Confidence...thrives on honesty, on honor, on the sacredness of obligation...on unselfish Performance. Without them it cannot live."
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Performance is defined as the act of doing something successfully. At the Global Performance Academy, success is synoymous with Passion, Perseverance and Self Discipline.

"We practice what's possible that we might perform the impossible."
Frances of Assisi



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Why choose Global Performance Sports Academies?

checkmark Our program's Student/Athletes attend schools such as Harvard, Brown, West Point, Dartmouth and Rensselaer.

checkmark Our curriculum is professionally designed and closely monitored by responsible adult skills coaches, who possess not only professional coaching credentials but also over 50 years combined experience teaching and developing children, teenagers and adults.

checkmark Our instructors are seasoned educators who provide a 5:1 player-instructor ratio. Our coaches are detail oriented caring adults who have dedicated their lives to developing young players.

checkmark Our "Learning Leaders" focus on learning and comprehension skills in the classroom. Our students are taught HOW to learn which leads to a better understanding of course material and high academic achievement.

checkmark Our students are able to access the most competitive, State approved and accredited private and public Charter Schools in the country. Students may choose from accelerated or traditional paced individualized curriculums.

checkmark Our leadership curriculum and mentorship focus will allow students to develop a detailed goal statement and build a path to future desired results.

checkmark We have a comprehensive anti-bullying curriculum that teaches our students to treat others with compassion, understanding and respect. The purpose is to develop great community leaders we can all be proud of.

checkmark Academic and Hockey guidance is achieved in collaboration with all stakeholders; parents, teachers, instructors and students, through an open and adaptive communication-feedback process.

If you are looking for a challenging academic and intense athletic experience, then Global Performance Sports Academy was designed for YOU. We are looking for passionate, spirited and hard working young men and women to join us on this incredible journey. Please contact us and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.


Phone: 978-360-4244




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